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ROCK - Online Breast Cancer Knowledgebase

Breast cancer rates have increased by more than 50% over the last twenty years. With more than 46,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer each year, it is now the most common cancer in the UK. Breast cancer research spans many disciplines of biomedical research from the bench to the clinic and due to this relevant large-scale datasets are emerging from all over the world. In order to make the most of this growing mountain of data we are developing ROCK. ROCK provides a novel publically accessible data warehouse and knowledgebase focused on breast cancer.

ROCK aims to provide a single online interface for the management, navigation, cross-linking and cross-correlation of data relating to breast cancer research, which is gathered from a wide variety of laboratory and clinical studies. This database is founded on genomic and protein interaction datasets. ROCK is also being populated with breast cancer relevant microarray gene expression, array CGH, DNA methylation, RNAi screen, and clinical trial data. The ROCK team are developing an extensive online interface to enable mining of this data, including interactive network visualisation and clustering applications. This project aims to accelerate the pace of breast cancer research by enabling scientists to efficiently analyse new experimental results in the context of previous data and knowledge, facilitating model development and hypothesis generation.

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Dear ROCK users, we regret to announce that the ROCK resource will become unavailable from the 22nd of September 2014 due to lack of resources. Please watch this space for any changes to the current projected termination date.

The ROCK team would like to take the opportunity to thank all the ROCK users for their contributions and support and wish them every success in their respective research areas.

- The ROCK team

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